Hacksmith Industries

Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries

We take fictional ideas from movies, video games \u0026 comics, and make real working prototypes!

I quit my full-time job as an engineer and product developer to make only the coolest inventions -- just for you guys -- right here on SLtoos. We show the engineering process of making our projects to inspire others into STEM fields, and to show that anything is possible with science!

Please send media inquires through www.hacksmith.tech/contact

For FAQ please visit www.hacksmith.tech/faq

  • Magic feather production
    Magic feather production

    Are you sure you’re not a foam smother? Those are some awesome mannequins

  • Grace Delgado
    Grace Delgado

    Hacksmith Industries: **makes a lightsaber** me: :OOOOOOOOOO Jaw: dropped wowed?: yesss Hotel: trivago sorry i just had to do that lol

  • Besser Wisser
    Besser Wisser

    So funny and so cute.😃😄😊🥰

  • Mr. Sebru
    Mr. Sebru

    His chains actually comes out of his palm but nice creation!

  • ZooM _Shark
    ZooM _Shark

    Don’t cut ur hair

  • Tristapika2

    Can I please come to your studio and try that

  • Minimal LLama
    Minimal LLama

    If a robber comes to his house the robber is done for

  • Lucas Labonté-Douville
    Lucas Labonté-Douville

    Me before watching this video: ( normal) Me after watching this video: Where is my fire lighter!!! Me the next day: That was a bad idea.

  • ShinobiLarry

    That was badass

  • Bicycle_Man

    Nice to see James back on the machine floor for a change

  • Mayen Mayen
    Mayen Mayen

    Let's be honest, you skipped to the end

  • Santivls2330

    Did you know that it was supposed to be a gardening tool and that just makes him sound even more 0P

  • Whyiamcool e
    Whyiamcool e


  • William McMillan
    William McMillan

    Hey you should do Raya's sword from Raya and the last dragon, please.


    Has nobody mentioned the fact there was a cock roach in the microwave?

  • Jacob Myers
    Jacob Myers

    You gotta do the uppercut

  • Jocifer Luther
    Jocifer Luther

    Gayeeee i would rather learn to master throwing a kunai attached to a chain than build something all clunky and stupid and lazy like a true warrior

  • EleKtriKm4n

    it just shows that the brain is more powerful than the muscles

  • Bofi

    Saw this on the mk movie ig page, had to check it out‼️

  • Bat 325
    Bat 325

    I wish I could have won this helmettttttt

  • Diego Meringer
    Diego Meringer

    hacksmith vs phil swift ultimate battle

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Send it to DemolitionRanch 😂

  • Aithan Liome
    Aithan Liome

    You have a video of making the just cause grappling hook? and the parachute wingsuit that can turn into wingsuit and a parachute?

  • Aithan Liome
    Aithan Liome

    0:01 i wish i could say i could've gone my entire life without seeing that but let me say.... I'm so happy i saw that.

  • Insamniac

    I love the running joke of Ben being super egotistical, it gets me just about every time from his deadpan delivery

  • JohnPatrick Jackson
    JohnPatrick Jackson

    You guys should make the infrared shield from infinite warfare

  • Grady Bell
    Grady Bell

    can i be apart of the hacksmith team? I'm only 15, but i can be moral support

  • Lucas Berendsen
    Lucas Berendsen


  • Alex Jenkins
    Alex Jenkins


  • ZurchTechGaming

    I’m in the USA. How can I buy a pair

  • Ternary Gaming
    Ternary Gaming

    Why does she look like Maisie "Arya Stark" Williams

  • ColdRamen

    Somebody took the super soldier serum

  • Cameron Bailey
    Cameron Bailey

    Can you make kratos’s blades of chaos and if you can’t make the leviathan axe

  • elijah_guitar

    who else thought that the painting place would just have a huge vat of paint and they were just going to dunk the power loader in it.

  • elijah_guitar

    junk enhancing lol

  • Lev Oryshchenko
    Lev Oryshchenko

    Please do the portal gun

  • Tekceb-12

    I thought Palpatine was cute.

  • McSkellyHo

    This is honestly art, you guys had to intricately bend and weld together all the metal pieces so that it fits and looks good! Good job!

  • Scorpio Squader
    Scorpio Squader

    That gasp omg 😆 1:55

  • Ares Peverell
    Ares Peverell

    I hope you do SubZero's Ice Blast.

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    Can their video's production be surpassed? Don't think so! What an awesome (in multiple ways) content!! I'm truly amazed

  • Snekiboi 256
    Snekiboi 256

    Scorpion was one of my favorite characters in Mortal Kombat too!

  • Alejandro Esparza
    Alejandro Esparza

    1:55 Come Here! * weird girly yelp*

  • Mach-77

    "So if I miss my target, there might be an issue with this coming back right at me…" welp. that's why the rope dart/meteor hammer is a very hard weapon to master



  • Redfield 762
    Redfield 762

    Is it just me or does this man look like jesus himself

  • Yi Chan L
    Yi Chan L

    Hacksmith you should destroy a tungsten cube and a osmium cube with a light saber

  • Wannano

    Watson is buff af if she carries it on her back

  • Adrian Bolaños
    Adrian Bolaños

    Fatality scorpion wins

  • Mohid Arf
    Mohid Arf

    He should make mandos suit out of playbutton its the same as beskar😂😂😂

  • HellCattX

    As cool as this is to have a spear launcher... Scorpion doesn't use a launcher... He throws it into his victims with brute strength... And in the very first mortal kombat it was on a rope, not a chain...

  • awsx

    Wouldn't ALON be a better material for the spear and armour?

  • Ronnie Wajdzik
    Ronnie Wajdzik

    Make me one please I live in Scotland

  • Gastón Valla
    Gastón Valla

    Could you do a new ODM gear project from attack on titan by it's recent final season?

  • McSkellyHo

    This is the dumbest thing you guys have ever done... I love it.

  • fear 0 -Clock
    fear 0 -Clock

    U should make a suit of all the Iron man and weapons you have created in the past to make it a super suit if u want

  • my name
    my name

    could the tungsten lightsaber be forged into a blade?

  • Kimi Deleon
    Kimi Deleon

    The blaster clip jangos hand is of not blaster

  • Retna 1x
    Retna 1x

    hacksmith, you guys should try and build a jetpack that can make u hover a little bit with all the stuff u got. You got 2 70 pound jet engines thats 140lbs, a shuebler 195mm which has 57 pounds of thrust, 4 hobby king ones which are 70 pounds in total. 140+57+70. It wont fly good at all but i think u could hover for like a minute over some grass or water if u wanted to...