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  • XxShadowgamezxX

    That's Insane

  • Minimal LLama
    Minimal LLama

    If a robber comes to his house the robber is done for

  • Yi Chan L
    Yi Chan L

    Hacksmith you should destroy a tungsten cube and a osmium cube with a light saber

  • Kimi Deleon
    Kimi Deleon

    The blaster clip jangos hand is of not blaster

  • Count dooku
    Count dooku

    Impressive asf

  • Apo-clypse

    Imagine this being just a little longer, mmmmmmmm perfect

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks

    The protosaber has been made

  • Ansh sinha
    Ansh sinha

    In india ,we call light saber as welding machine 😂

  • Fam Ebbers
    Fam Ebbers

    where can i buy this

    • Jungletroll

      you cant

  • Janna Sagaysay
    Janna Sagaysay

    Can you tru to make Allanon's sword in the Shannara Chronicles

  • Carlie Romane
    Carlie Romane

    I wonder how much they would charge you just to cut the wall with it

  • Maximo Calvillo
    Maximo Calvillo

    I can imagine this as a weapon of choice during an apocalypse

  • Project Spark
    Project Spark

    doesn't exactly work like the star wars ones but still incradibly cool

  • Ruben Cervantes
    Ruben Cervantes

    This reminds me of the ghostbusters proton pack

  • Tosin Oluwaseun
    Tosin Oluwaseun

    but can you melt a bullet

    • Jungletroll


  • Swaglicious

    Chief: how do you like your steak? Customer: cooked a lot The chief: 3:42

  • Clive Jhan
    Clive Jhan

    A flamethrower

  • Archkumquat

    It was just fire. He was just poking holes in stuff the whole time. You can't have lightsaber battles with fire.

    • Jungletroll

      yea well light sabers in starwars kinda bend the laws of physics. you cant have super heated plasma touching things and no fire. also people bursting into flames after getting hit with a light saber would be pretty cool imo

  • Clinton Ahonsi
    Clinton Ahonsi

    Remember this comment when u become Earth's weapon making general in the 3rd world war

  • Logie Lepage
    Logie Lepage

    Recently, I had a assignment to do in school, the assignment told us to pick a object once considered fiction, but was invented. And make a report on it. I wanted to talk about the lightsaber, but my teacher wouldn't allow it. :(

  • Elyk Dleifdlo
    Elyk Dleifdlo

    Hi mom

  • tony baloney
    tony baloney

    i need to beable to cut through with one swipe in a mater of seaconds

  • Jim Eagle
    Jim Eagle

    How are there 19k ppl who dislike this?

  • Angel Mendez
    Angel Mendez

    It’s not so much a lightsaber as it is a really strong flamethrower cool nonetheless

  • Logie Lepage
    Logie Lepage

    One day if I had the money, I would buy this.

  • GER

    They have good technology, but they don't have the maturity to control it.

  • ImperialGlory 1776
    ImperialGlory 1776

    Just to answer their question I would cut my sibling

  • Shoebox 98
    Shoebox 98


  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs
    Spiritual Entrepreneurs

    Damn imagine feeling that heat...ever had a heartburn or swallow something too hot and you can feel the burn inside? Yeah feel that but more intense

  • fantastik macera
    fantastik macera


  • Roykeane

    Thats badass

  • SS4 guy jr
    SS4 guy jr

    Just like the actual first lightsabers battery pack lightsabers that is so interesting

  • Harshil Sunkara
    Harshil Sunkara

    Sell it to the military you nincompoopa

  • M Fx3
    M Fx3

    A diamond

  • Ella Henly-Wild
    Ella Henly-Wild

    It’s not long enough

    • flyzzxr

      Bruh they did their best and it's still awesome

  • Teo

    challange try to make it even hottter that would be a asame vid :D

  • Ali Reza
    Ali Reza

    2030 yoda comes to earth

  • Merlin Guzman
    Merlin Guzman

    Enhorabuena un gran trabajo chicos luce genial, pero funciona más como la espada de THUNDARR, EL BÁRBARO (1980)

  • Dj timelords
    Dj timelords

    Hack Smith: exists General grievous: a fine addition to my collection

  • steam helsing
    steam helsing

    imagine having this in the 12th century, you are automatically a wizard

  • LeoPlayz

    Cant wait for the 5 minute craft tutorial on how to make one! :D

  • Sharky Productions
    Sharky Productions

    My childhood dream Like if same as me!

  • captain reks
    captain reks

    2050: world first X-Wing

  • Milo Wirendal
    Milo Wirendal

    this is amazing

  • Danieru Ramas de Espinas
    Danieru Ramas de Espinas

    Esa cosa no se parece en nada a un proto-sable de luz, solo es un soplete glorificado.

  • wakeywarrior

    Could he move the sabre quicker through the items for more authenticity?

  • Daniel Hellums
    Daniel Hellums

    Dude I think the new Sabre kicks ass! Only con is the slowness of the cutting effect but definitely a step up from the rod Light Sabre! I give it 2 lights up! 🕯️ 🕯️!!!!!!

  • GhostRights

    Alien Leader: “Ah, you have returned from your mission to Earth, Gleeb. Your findings?” Gleeb: “Believe me, you do NOT want to mess with the crazy primates on that planet. They created a plasma sword just because they thought it would be cool...and these were the geeks! The geeks!”

    • Project Spark
      Project Spark

      wait a minute the not geeks wouldn't know how to make it

    • Project Spark
      Project Spark

      styropyro: allow me to introduce myself

  • Maja K
    Maja K

    2080: Star Killer, Kylo Ren, Rey, Snoke

  • Hex Gilchrist Berber
    Hex Gilchrist Berber

    1:42 "that one scene in phantom menace when qui gon tries to melt the blast doors"

  • Gareth Evans
    Gareth Evans

    it can do everything but deflect other lightsabers

  • StickRanger gamer
    StickRanger gamer

    fire aspect 2.

  • Cktntgamer

    either star wars is real or we are starting it

  • arnaud de schryver
    arnaud de schryver

    This is crazy, love it!

  • gamer Joe
    gamer Joe

    Oh so you don't make me a lightsaber but you cut through stuff

    • Skepicron Alan
      Skepicron Alan

      i see you being sad by your profile, its ok wait 50 years

  • The Redstone Torch
    The Redstone Torch

    Why you cutting so slowly? So I don’t cut my arms off by accident Darth maul: *clears through sarcastically*

  • Jeremy May
    Jeremy May

    You guys are bad ass.its cool to see u guys having so much fun doing it

  • Sleepy's Art
    Sleepy's Art

    was anybody just a little bit scared that the car might blow up

  • Koen

    4:26 That was so awkward😂

  • xman11

    You just made a laser cutter

  • diggi

    Thats cool. But one would have to fight in slow motion lol

  • Iso. Klt
    Iso. Klt

    u should make some good marshmallows with it

  • JaWin911

    Nah it's good for a medium well steak😂👌, but It would be annoying for me to wear a bag aaaand you cannot move as fast as in film with it, because it's like a flamethrower aaaaaaaand it's very heavy

  • Koen Sola
    Koen Sola

    I know there was a lot of like mean comment say that it was just a metal rod in one of them but this is just fire

  • BOSSjpg

    Meh, this is really just a flamethrower

  • Niop Tres
    Niop Tres

    How does it sound without the sound effects?

  • Critical Agent
    Critical Agent

    Unbreakable box V.S lightsaber

  • Hunter Bridge
    Hunter Bridge

    the 19k disslikes are from the sith

  • Michael Lance
    Michael Lance

    this is pathetic

    • Jungletroll


  • Vanteran The meme king
    Vanteran The meme king

    Disney wishes to purchase the lightsaber

  • Connor HANSON
    Connor HANSON

    *casually cutting through steel using plasma without even wearing gloves*

  • Soggy Kid
    Soggy Kid

    these guys are ready for the purge

  • arifmunop

    4000° PROTO-LIGHTSABER TEST hosted and narrated by Obi Wan Kenobi

  • Kissey Tsosie
    Kissey Tsosie

    The shitty sound effects we don't need

  • Tristan Daries
    Tristan Daries

    They could make weapons that could suppress mankind for the next few decades, but no, they make shit from movies

  • Zboss 0204z
    Zboss 0204z

    If you make it a little bit more concentrated than I think you would actually be able to quickly swipe it...right??? Also I wonder what he would do if the light saber was at 400,000° Fahrenheit

  • Pauli Aalto
    Pauli Aalto

    2990: worlds first supertiny nuclear reactor

  • Plexcey

    Who's still watching this in 2021 Still cool

  • Moosincorperated

    You know you gotta give up if you see that thing piercing your steel door

  • Patrick Culliton
    Patrick Culliton

    Disney: we build metal hilts Saberforge: we build metal hilts and have neopixel LEDS Hacksmith: hold my beer

  • Alan Stern
    Alan Stern

    Although this is really cool and I love the result it feels more like a modified oxygen lance than a proto saber. But I still really like this.

  • etech 02
    etech 02

    how about "TRYING TO" cut through a "BULLET PROOF" piece of glass?

  • Thatcher Flynn
    Thatcher Flynn


  • Jim Welsch
    Jim Welsch

    I wood cat a tree

  • phhe 13
    phhe 13

    I would have cut off my head by mistake

  • Cory Coral
    Cory Coral

    The guy running the test had no pazzas

  • RainbowOne

    Well that is cool

  • Dovud animations
    Dovud animations

    Can you make a lightsaber without all those attachments

  • Phoebe Torres
    Phoebe Torres

    Was anyone else sad when he used the lightsaber on the car?

  • Robert J Hamilton
    Robert J Hamilton

    Too slow. I need my light sabres to slash limbs off with one quick slash, not take 10 seconds to do so. But a good first concept.

  • Frank & Beans FPS Gameplay
    Frank & Beans FPS Gameplay

    Still not really a lightsaber but because you have to wear all that shit on your back and it still doesn't even come close to how quick and clean a lightsaber can cut but nice try

  • Ja hi
    Ja hi

    Climate change: The powerrrrrrr💪💪💪💪

  • A Chill Koala
    A Chill Koala

    10 years to evolve this thing into a really good lightsaber.

  • 张士权

    When watch sw movie I always wonder that how did Jedi use such very danger weapon without hurt themself, even small touch with skin can make flesh body deep wound

  • xRxvenge 9171
    xRxvenge 9171

    “You can get this mace windu lightsaber cut by the first retractable lightsaber” Me: no thanks I already have the mace windu lightsaber.

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Wondering if it could be used as a soldering or Welding Tool as well plus one would have to learn how to use the gauges on the back on the tank to make sure it doesn't get too hot

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell

    How much would it cost to buy one of those?

  • Fran Keretić
    Fran Keretić

    Am I the only one who wants the fast cut?

    • Fran Keretić
      Fran Keretić

      no but seriously lightsaber turned epic

    • Fran Keretić
      Fran Keretić

      @Hacksmith Industries oh ok

    • Hacksmith Industries
      Hacksmith Industries

      Stuff doesn't cut fast

  • King G
    King G

    So awesome

  • Cyan Daring
    Cyan Daring

    Good! Now build a star destroyer.

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